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Chapter 15 Sports for All

Part 2 Upgrading Competitiveness Promotes International Exchange

1. Taipei City Soccer League Championships

To promote the sport of soccer, advocate a healthy lifestyle, promote healthy recreation, and increase the soccer population, the City hosted the “2011 Taipei FUTSAL League Spring Championships” and “2011 Taipei Futsal League Championships.” A total of 1,300 players and management staff participated in this event.

2. The ISU Four-Continent Figure Skating Championships

Th e Fo u r -Co n t i n e n t Fi g u r e Sk a t i n g Championships 2011 was held from February 15 to 20 at the Taipei Arena. Over 400 guests of honor and athletes from 33 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Korea, USA, and Uzbekistan, participated in this event. Several world-renowned skaters, such as the figure skating duo from Mainland China, Pang Qing and Tong Jian, and Japanese skaters Daisuke Takahashi, Miki Ando, and Mao Asada, competed in this event with outstanding performances. Fuji TV from Japan and Sports TV made live broadcasts throughout this event. Many other international media, including U.S. NBC TV, Universal Sports, Canada National TV, China Central Television Station (CCTV), and Eurovision, also provided extensive coverage. Through this event, Taipei gained a wide exposure to the world and gave full play to city diplomacy.

3. Tour de Taiwan-Taipei Station

The 2011 Tour de Taiwan was launched from the surrounding roads of the Taipei City Hall Building. This event was held from March 19 to 28, 2011, and several hundreds of racers from over 20 teams from around the country and several foreign countries, including the United States, Switzerland, Australia and Japan, competed in this event. Taiwan's representatives from the Giant Kenda Team took fourth place, and the Actions Cycling Team took seventh place in the group category.

4. Asian International Darts Championships

The largest soft darts tournament in Asia, “the 2011 (7th) Asian International Darts Championships,” was held at the Taipei Gymnasium from March 25 to 27, 2011. Representatives from 13 countries and regions, including the United States, England, France, Portugal, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China and Macau, gathered in Taipei for the tournament. This was the largest darts competition ever held in Taipei.

5. Asian Cup Sumo Tournament

Taipei City teamed up with the Sumo Association of the R.O.C. to host the Asian Cup Sumo Tournament. This event was held at the Taipei Stadium on July 24, 2011. A total of nine teams from such Asian countries such as Japan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Iran, Tajikistan, Malaysia, India and Chinese Taipei participated in this event. In the Women's Heavyweight Category, Cheng Chiu-Rong won the gold medal after a two-round extension. This was Taiwan's first gold medal ever won in this event by a representative from Taiwan. At the end of the tournament, representatives from Taiwan won a total of one gold medal, four silver medals, and three bronze medals, as well as one silver and one bronze medal in the group categories.

6. IBAF 12U Baseball World Championship

IBAF 12U Baseball World Championship Games: a successful steal.
IBAF 12U Baseball World Championship Games: a successful steal.

The 2011 (1st) IBAF 12U Baseball World Championship was held from July 8 to 17, 2011, at the Taipei Tianmu Baseball Stadium, the Youth Park Baseball Field, and the Sin-Sen Park Baseball Field. Teams from 13 countries, including Cuba, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Italy, were invited to play in this tournament, and cheerleaders from 14 schools were organized to cheer for each of the baseball teams. In the last game of this tournament, the local team, Team Chinese Taipei, defeated Team Cuba to keep the championship trophy in Taiwan.

7. Taipei Open International Judo Tournament 2011

The 2011 (6th) Taipei Open International Judo Tournament was held at the Taipei Gymnasium on August 6 and 7, 2011. A total of 216 contestants from 15 countries participated in this event. Representatives from Chinese Taipei won a total of 4 gold, 6 silver, and 19 bronze medals by the end of the tournament. Thousands of spectators came to the stadium to watch the matches during the tournament.

8. Taipei City Cup International Taekwondo Open 2011

In an effort to promote Taekwondo and bring Taiwan's achievements in Taekwondo to the world stage, the City organized the Taipei City Cup International Taekwondo Open 2011. This event was held from August 16 to 17 at the Taipei Gymnasium. Contestants from Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong gathered in Taipei to compete in this event. The representative from Taiwan, Chen Yu-hsuan, nicknamed the “small tank”, defeated South Korea's A-La, Yoo to win the gold medal in the heavyweight category, and the representative from Team Taipei City, Pan Ying, defeated the Chen Hsiuan-ru from Taipei City College All Start Team's Chen Hsiuan-ru to win the gold medal. The Group Championship for the women's category went to Team Taipei City and the Group Championship for the men's categories went to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

9. Asian Cities Athletics Invitational

The 2011 Asian Cities Athletics Invitational was held from August 27 to 28, 2011, at Taipei stadium. A total of 476 athletes and staff and 57 teams from Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Shizuoka, Nagoya, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Macau, Mokpo South Korea, and cities around the country competed in this event. A youth category and an MVP award were added to this year's tournament, which was given to javelin athlete Cheng Chao-chun, and Cambridge from Tokyo.

Asian Cities Athletics Invitational- Men's Hurdles.
Asian Cities Athletics Invitational- Men's Hurdles.

10. Asian Senior Women's Volleyball Championship

In 2011, Taipei hosted the 16th Asian Senior Women's Volleyball Championship. This is the highest level volleyball game in Asia held biennially and the first time in Taiwan. This event was held from September 15 to 23, 2011, at the National Taiwan University Stadium. A total of 13 teams from Indonesia, Iran, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Kazakhstan, North Korea, India, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Chinese Taipei competed for the championship in this tournament. In this nine-day event, Team Chinese Taipei met a second time with Team North Korea and finally defeated the North Korean team 3:1 to take fifth place in the finals.

11. OEC Taipei Ladies Open

Co-organized by the City of Taipei and the Tennis Association of the R.O.C, the OEC Taipei Ladies Open was held from October 29 to November 6, 2011, at the Taipei Arena. Sponsored by the Sports Affairs Council, the Taipei City Government, and the OEC Groups, 2011 event ticket holders were admitted into this event for free. This event offered tennis enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy high-quality tennis games. For this game, the City specially brought in the “Eagle Eye” system used in Grand Slam events and other tournaments of the highest level, setting a record for ITF level games. The “Cross-Strait Duo,” Chan Yung-jan and Zheng Jie, won the championship in the doubles category.

OEC Taipei Ladies Open- Exciting Games.
OEC Taipei Ladies Open- Exciting Games.

12. Fubon Taipei Marathon

In recent years, the City of Taipei has been actively seeking cooperative opportunities with private businesses to organize marathon events. Several events have been very successful, and the number of participants has also been increasing over the years. The 2011 Fubon Taipei Marathon was launched on December 18, 2011, at the Taipei Civic Plaza. The slogan of the 2011 event was “The Biggest Run,” and a series of activities, including “The Best Prize,” “The Best Team,” and “The Best Deal” was also launched to encourage participation. Different from previous years, this year's marathon route was along Riverside Park. The athletes were accompanied by beautiful scenery while running for victory. A total of 120,000 contestants participated in this year's event.

13. Taipei International Youth Baseball Championships

In an effort to promote baseball sports in the community, facilitate international exchange for youth sports, and bring the Taipei City more exposure to international society, the City of Taipei hosted the Taipei International Youth Baseball Championships from December 24 to 27, 2011. The games were played at the Tianmu Baseball Stadium and the Guanshan Baseball Field. Ten teams from around the world, including Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and China, and Taipei City's school teams competed in this event for the championship.

14. Campaigns to Host International Sports Events

To develop a high level of city competitiveness and create a positive image, the City of Taipei was successful in its campaign for the 2017 World University Games. In the future, the City will continue its efforts to campaign for the 2019 Asian Games and other major international sports events. The success is expected to bring business and job opportunities to related industries and promote domestic and foreign tourism; it should also raise the level of confidence among the people of Taiwan and raise the nation's status in the international community.